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Details Matter

It's not just about the latest appliances and furniture. Good design meets paying attention to the details that support your family's lifestyle. Textures that balance rustic with refined creates a tension that completes the vision of your home.

Simple Beauty

Pulling together small touches that coordinate art, furniture, and upholstery creates a coherent vision without breaking your budget. The restrained use of elements like monogrammed pillows can add a personalized flair that makes a house a home.

Luxury Redefined

Luxury custom bathrooms are more than a beautiful tub and shower combo. To create a custom bathroom of your dreams, details become very important, like this silver hammered sink set into marble against a tiled backsplash.

Open Kitchen Space

Light/warm tones with rough textured marble backsplash offsets the warmth of the marble countertop in this beautiful Miami home. Style meets storage: custom cabinetry with glass windows allow you to highlight your collection of functional dinner wear.

Entertaining Elegance

Design elements can bring it all together to make an undeniably chic statement to your guests. You can bring a little bit of that je ne sais quoi into your own home with small accents like candles, serving trays, and flowers that energize your room with colour.

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